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  AutoCal series 2 Automatic Robot Calibration

AutoCal series 2 Automatic Robot Calibration

Manufacturers today rely more and more on industrial robots for efficiency and quality. Robots used for welding, cutting, material handling, dispensing, and assembly must operate at very high levels of reliability and repeatability/accuracy  to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. This means that any environmental changes or mechanical failure of the robot system - whether the robot itself or any of its peripherals - can result in many hours of lost
production or can generate large amounts of scrap parts.
The AutoCalTM Series 2 system offers an in- line robot calibration solution designed to quickly and automatically guarantee the performance of robotic equipment. Adaptable to a wide variety of robotic applications and compatible with most robot types, the AutoCal Series 2 system can detect drift or sudden changes to the robot structure itself (including joint offsets) as well as its Tool Center Point(TCP), and then automatically correct for those changes without any operator intervention. This means no “guessing” of what went wrong; no valuable time wasted re-teaching robot programs, and no loss of production quality!

The AutoCal Series 2 System - Maximum Quality and Uptime at a Minimum Cost

Automatic correction of robot temperature variations
Full re-calibration of a “bent” tool (TCP x,y,z and orientation)
Fast recovery after a robot crash or motor replacement (joint offset re-mastering)
Constant automatic monitoring of the robot’s performance
All that, while controlling quality  and  drastically  minimizing  any  production downtime!

The AutoCal Series 2 System - Dynalog’s State-of-the-Art Calibration Technology

Dynalog is the world leader in robot cell calibration technology. Its mainstream product - the DynaCal system - is used for off-line robot cell calibration, and has been accepted by many major robot manufacturers and end-users as the most accurate and technically advanced robot calibration process available. The AutoCal Series 2 system incorporates the proven calibration technology of the DynaCal product into an in-line, fully automated system designed specifically for process monitoring, repeatability control, and recovery purposes.

The AutoCal Series 2 System - How it works

The AutoCal Series 2 System comes in different forms, depending on the particular robot controller and its level of integration (contact Dynalog for more information). However, a typical installation consists of (1) the AutoCal software,
(2) twin beam lasers, and (3) a rugged industrial sensor. The AutoCal Series 2 System relies on simple and automatic measurements: no special artifact or interface required! Between production cycles, the robot automatically executes
- in a matter of seconds - a “Quick-Check” measurement routine to assess overall system performance and to detect any drift or crash of the robot or TCP. Any changes to the robot structure or TCP can then be automatically corrected through the AutoCal Series 2 System’s compensation process. Finally, the AutoCal system confirms the accuracy of the corrected robot and its TCP, to ensure consistent quality and process control.

AutoCal Series 2 Features

Automatic Temperature Drift Compensation, due to either of the following:
Ambient Air Temperature Fluctuations
Robot “Self-Heating” from Cold Start Conditions
Recovers TCP location (xyz) and TCP orientation (wpr)
Recovers Robot Joint Mastering
In-line, fully automatic system
Quick-Check capability
Process Monitoring
Reports system accuracy following recovery calibration
Compatible with most robot types (See below)

Robot Brands Supported by AutoCal Series 2 

Others available upon request

System Applications

Arc Welding
Water Jet Cutting
Sealant Application
Spot Welding
Net Form and Pierce
Material Handling
And more...

AutoCal Series 2 System Components

AutoCalTM Series 2 Calibration Software
AutoCalTM Series 2 Measurement Sensor (Size: 13" x 8" x 1.5" each)
AutoCal™ Series 2 Twin-Beam Laser Unit (Size: 2.25" x 1.5" x 1.25" each)

System Specifications

Recovery Accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
Temperature Compensation Repeatability: ± 0.2 mm
Typical Quick-Check time: 3 to 5 seconds
Power: 12 to 24 VDC, 50 ma maximum
Operating ambient temperature: 15 to 130 degrees fahrenheit


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