Ditamag: It has opened up many customers in the PI field and is committed to bec

埃飞电子  2021-09-16

In the past ten years, the coating processing technology has made great progress. The application range of coating processing technology has expanded from industries such as papermaking, light industry, textiles, and chemicals to the electronic information industry. Coating machine is an indispensable equipment in the coating process. With the development of modern new materials, the improvement of machining accuracy, the popularization of electrical and automation, the application of various online testing instruments, and computer online control technologies The development has greatly promoted the innovation of coating machine technology.

As a company specializing in high-viscosity and ultra-thin thickness slit-type coating machines, Jiangsu Dita Meike Technology Co., Ltd. has worked in the high-end equipment industry, mainly coating machines, for 16 years. The high-viscosity and ultra-thin thickness slit coater provided by the company has undergone continuous iterations and updates, and is now the fourth-generation product, which has the characteristics of fast coating speed, good coating film uniformity, and wide coating window.

In April of this year, Ditamag's equipment manufacturing project in Taicang, Jiangsu has been completed. According to Ditmagic told Shiyin, this project has been incubating for three years. As it is a high-end equipment R&D and manufacturing project, the Taicang City Government is very optimistic about the prospects and has won great support and attention from the local government.

"At present, the Taicang project factory is operating normally, because we have received a lot of orders and are in a relatively full production state, and employees are working overtime to produce. In addition, Ditamaike has its own laboratory in Shanghai. Industry customers are also welcome to visit, inspect and exchange.” Ditamaike said.

Provide faster and more accurate services for domestic local enterprises


The parent company of Jiangsu Dita Meike Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and agency of instruments and equipment. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. It belongs to a subsidiary within the WAD Group. South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia. At the same time, the head office is preparing to cooperate with Triens, the world's largest instrument manufacturer, to develop the European market.

The company's main types of equipment include life science equipment, physical testing equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, industrial online equipment and other professional equipment and basic laboratory equipment, including measurement equipment. The products serve the research fields of organic solar cell OP, perovskite solar cell, dye-sensitized solar cell, OLED, PI film, and fuel cell technology.

When talking about the company’s products, Ditamag said that for companies and projects in Taicang, Jiangsu, the Taicang plant mainly produces squeegee equipment, and it also uses squeegee equipment in the PI industry, as well as spraying equipment. There are also equipment for stability testing-

1. In terms of stability testing equipment, after the film is made, it needs to be placed in a high-humidity or high-temperature environment and subjected to long-term light experiments. At present, the company can perform 10,000 hours of uninterrupted light experiment under 85% high humidity and 85℃ high temperature environment.

2. In terms of squeegee coating equipment, it has reached the fourth-generation product stage. Because of the long incubation time of the project, the company has overcome many technical difficulties, and the technology is more stable than the first and second generations. At present, the fourth-generation products have been supplied to customers, and many verifications have been done. Recently, Ditamaike has also completed the project upgrade, and the equipment can be remotely debugged and recorded.

Ditamaike said that for domestic companies, local services have a greater advantage. For example, if the part is broken, the relevant technical personnel can respond and track it within one to two days, which is faster than that of foreign companies.

In addition, Ditamaike is also building a solution library, and is doing fluid simulation tests, anti-collision design and other improvement measures for different liquids from customers. The continuous breakthrough of these technical difficulties is also the advantage of Ditamaike's products.

Continuous summary of problem experience + continuous upgrade of equipment accuracy/stability = two major technical advantages

Products are the backbone of the company, and technology is the driving force for the company's development. When asked about the technological highlights compared with other companies, Ditamaike told Sine that the company has two major advantages in technology-

Simply put, if the customer wants to solve a problem, Ditamaike will help him solve the problem. For example, if the customer wants to achieve 95%, 97% uniformity, it needs to work together with the customer to explore a suitable process. While solving problems for customers, it has also accumulated a lot of experience, ruminating on the continuous updating of equipment and technology, which is the first advantage of Ditamaike.

The second is the accuracy upgrade of the equipment, because at the level of high-end equipment, there are nothing more than accuracy or intelligent operation, etc., such as the previous generation and second generation equipment, in terms of accuracy requirements, material deformation, equipment stability, etc. None of them have reached a very good control level, which requires Ditameike to continuously adjust and upgrade, which is more suitable for the needs of customers. This is Ditameike's second technical advantage.

The PI industry is very hot, and Ditamag is working hard to become the best coating machine company in China

Ditamag was initially deeply involved in the solar and new energy industries, and in recent years it has opened up many customers in the PI industry. At present, according to the information disclosed by Ditamaike in an exclusive interview with Silver, it already has two or three large corporate customers in the PI field; in addition, there are also two foreign companies with experimental research and development capabilities in China. Home; Recently, there will be more potential customers of schools/institutes. For example, a PI membrane research institute in Changchun has also recently shipped to it.

Generally speaking, in the PI field, Ditamaike is in a rising period.

DittaMicro stated that DittaMicro’s starting point is to first serve all local companies in China; secondly, to continuously upgrade and deepen product technology based on the needs of these companies; and finally to optimize DittaMicro’s existing The product line is an important development direction for the company in the next three years.

The company's development vision is to become an equipment company that provides comprehensive solutions. It will continue to learn and catch up during the development of the company, contribute its own strength to the development of China's coating machine industry, and become the best coating machine company in China.

At the end of the interview, Ditamaike also expressed its views on the industry:

As an equipment company, Ditamag also shoulders a responsibility. At present, my country’s semiconductor industry is under the blockade of the United States. Every individual in the entire industry shares a common sense of honor and disgrace. Compatriots in the industry have to treat the country’s overall market. With enough confidence, companies can’t stop their pace of innovation and work together to break the monopoly of foreign companies and contribute to the development of China’s high-end equipment.