The 4th China Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnology Conference

埃飞电子  2021-11-12

The 4th China Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnology Conference

This conference will invite global leaders from research institutes, universities, hospitals, investors, corporate biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to gather together to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships, and promote technological exchanges and mutual benefits in the industry. cooperate. The conference will bring together a wide range of life science research institutes and application fields including drug research and development, infectious diseases and vaccines, tumors, biotherapy, and biotechnology of traditional Chinese medicine.

(Gold Sponsor of Shanghai Aifei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)

In this conference, we were invited to participate in the conference presentation: IVIM small animal in-situ cell dynamic analysis technology, which focuses on in-situ observation of mice in vivo, and observes the real-time observation process at the cell level in the in-situ living body. Motion compensation is uniform and fast scanning. Patented technology, up to 100fps/s 512*512pixels (for example, lung, heart, liver for mouse beating organs), and a complete set of solutions and auxiliary accessories are provided, which is well received by customers. Welcome to inquire.

(A speech by Zhu Yunguo, General Manager of WAD China Co., Ltd.)